How Antivirus works

Why Use Anti-Virus?

We can protect ourselves by using anti-virus software. Anti-virus software protects us against computer virus’. Even being tech savvy, you’ll download something that has a virus in it, or visit a website that is compromised and end up with an infection. Anti-virus can keep the files from downloading, so the virus never reaches your computer and if it does the anti-virus can take the compromised file off of your computer.

how-antivirus-worksAnti-virus software also protects against spyware. Spyware is what most people are thinking about when the subject of credit card number security comes up. Spyware is software that installs itself on your computer with the purpose of getting passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information that it’s better other people didn’t know about you. Anti-virus does the same thing with spyware that it does with standard virus’. It can protect against downloading the software and then remove it if the software manages to get installed.

What some people don’t realize is that those annoying ads that show up when you’re on the internet are a form of viruses. These virus are called adware, and their sole purpose is to show ads to people using computers. We aim to show you as much as we can about Antivirus Software at Comparateurantivirus. They keep track of where you browse and try to find ads that’ll convince you to buy something. Adware can also have other virus’s packaged with them. So while the adware itself is just annoying more dangerous virus’s can come with them.
If you think there’s nothing that can be done about spam, you’re not completely right. Often spam is caused by a virus on your system. By using an anti-virus, you can keep the amount of spam down to a minimum or get rid of it altogether.

Anti-virus software also protects you from backdoors, worms, and trojans. All of these are aimed at destroying valuable information or making your computer help attack other networks without you knowing about it. To keep your computer and your network safe from this kind of attacks anti-virus software is vital.

Historic Virus’s

One of the most iconic virus’s is the ILOVEYOU virus. This virus is used in social engineering to get people to open an attachment in an email. The attachment posed as a love confession hence the name of the virus. This virus took an estimated ten percent of all Internet-connected computers offline. It was so prevalent that major companies and governments took their mailing systems offline to prevent infection by this virus. The virus spread itself through the email system. Once someone clicked on the attachment, the virus attached itself to emails and sent emails to everyone in the first person’s address book.
It’s common knowledge that Mac’s are immune to virus’s. This isn’t as true as it sounds. One of the virus’s that’s out there is called Flashback, and it’s designed for Mac’s. This virus’s masquerade as a flash install, a newer incarnation is masquerading as a Java install. This virus creates botnet which is used to attack other networks. It’s estimated that there are still thousands of Mac’s infected with this virus.